The Academy of Literary Arts and Publishing Singapore is the training arm of the National Book Development Council of Singapore dedicated to upgrading professionals in publishing and the literary arts.

We emphasise the importance of training to raise the professional standards of writers and the publishing industry. To that end, the Academy is committed to conduct workshops for skills upgrading. It collaborates with both local and foreign trainers so as to deliver quality training set against international standards while remaining relevant to the local context.

We are confident that the professionals in the industry as well as the new entrants will find the training relevant and useful. We look forward to having you with us. Happy learning!

Tel: (65) 6848 8293/8297

14 thoughts on “Courses

  1. I want to do a training on editing and proofreading. In my career i have to edit and write many reports, short articles. So I am looking for one in Singapore. Can you suggest me and give me some more information.

  2. Hi,

    Im 26 yr old and currently looking for courses of workshops for script writing or creative writing. Any idea where i can start?

    • Hi Zakiyah,

      You can keep a look-out for our upcoming courses. Although our upcoming ones are about editing and proofreading, we do have a wide range of courses and perhaps one of them may fit you.

      You can also check out Goodman Arts Centre. They conduct literary courses too.

      Hope the info helps!

  3. when is your next scheduled training course for copy-editing and proof-reading?
    please inform any updates on such course.

  4. Hello,

    I am interested in attending courses on Creative Writing. I understand there was one recently with the author Josephine Chia. Do you intend to run any in the near future?


  5. Hi! My friend and I have recently finished our A Levels, and we are looking for a creative writing course. Do you intend to run any in the near future, preferably from December 2012 till January 2013? Thank you!

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