Singapore Literature Prize (SLP) 2012 Shortlist

The National Book Development Council of Singapore is pleased to announce the shortlisted works for the Singapore Literature Prize (SLP) 2012.


The shortlisted titles are not listed in order of merit:

English category

  1. This Mortal World (Poetry) – Leonard Ng
  2. The Mental Life of Cities (Poetry) – Eddie Tay
  3. The Beating & Other Stories (Short Stories) – Dave Chua
  4. They hear salt crystallising (Poetry) – Teng Qian Xi

Chinese category

  1. 画室 (Hua Shi, Novel) – 英培安 (Yeng Pway Ngon)
  2. 剑桥诗学 (Cambridge Poetics, Poetry) – 陈志锐 (Tan Chee Lay)
  3. 你的名字 (Ni De Ming Zi, Poetry) – 梁钺 (Neo Choon Hong)
  4. 追随河流的方向 (Zhui Sui He Liu De Fang Xiang, Poetry) – 邹璐 (Zou Lu)
  5. 舞魂 (Wuhun, Short Stories) – 怀鹰 (Lee Seng Chan)

Malay category

  1. Dongeng Utopia: Kisah Cek Yah (Novel) – Yazid Hussein
  2. Jago Yang Terlupa Dilupakan (Short Stories) – Ahmad Jaaffar Bin Munasip
  3. Kerana Setitik Madu (Short Stories) – Peter Augustine Goh Mey Teck
  4. Secangkir Ceritera (Short Stories) – Rohman Munasip

Tamil category

  1.  En Vaanam Naan Megam (Short Story) – Masilamani Anbalagan
  2.  Vizhikkullethaan Vellayum Karuppum (Poetry) – Yousuf Rowther Rajid Ahmed
  3. Antha Naan Illai Naan (Poetry) – Marimuthu Arumugam Elango
  4. Kavithai Kuzhanthaikal (Poetry) – Ramanathan Vairavan


The winners will be announced at the Singapore Literature Prize 2012 Award Ceremony, which will be organised as part of the Singapore Writers Festival 2012.


Singapore Literature Prize 2012 Award Ceremony

Date:      9 November 2012

Time:      7.00pm

Venue:   The Pod, Level 16, NLB


The Award Ceremony is by invitation only. SWF participants and other members of the public who wish to attend the SLP Award Ceremony will have to register with the Book Council.


For more information on the Singapore Literature Prize, please visit the web page.


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