Crown of Earth’s Desire

We are familiar with the fantasy epics of Lord of The Rings, His Dark Materials and The Chronicles of Narnia. These tales speak of parallel universes, alternate worlds and fantasy lands. Joining the list of fantasy series, Crown of Earth’s Desire, the first of The Forbidden Hill Chronicles, brings you through an adventure filled with myths and legends of two worlds.

This August, author Terry Ho introduces his novel, Crown of Earth’s Desire, the first book in an epic fantasy series inspired by local legends and myths. Join Terry, urban fantasy writer Joyce Chng and facilitator Anu Kumar as they discuss the themes and influences behind The Forbidden Hill Chronicles, as well as the emerging field of Singaporean speculative fiction.


Book Synopsis

An American student and his Singaporean friends are swept into an enchanted world of spice harbours and tropical rainforests, where they are caught up in a desperate quest to save the kingdom of Turasik. To succeed, they have to confront the mystery of the Forbidden Hill, a seat of enormous power once ruled by the enigmatic god-king, the Raja Shulan. All is not as it seems, as the Spirit of the Raja is invoked in ancient rites on the Forbidden Hill – for what is at stake is not just the Kingdom of Turasik, but the fate of the universe itself.


Singapore Book Club: Crown of Earth’s Desire

Date: 7 August 2012, Tuesday

Time: 7pm

Venue: Earshot, The Arts House

Admission is free. To register, click here.

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About the Author

Terry Ho is the author of several books, including a humorous autobiography, as well as a self-help title which was a Straits Times bestseller in 2002. An avid reader of Fantasy fiction, Terry was inspired to create his own Fantasy series with a distinct Southeast Asian flavour. In 2008, he began writing The Forbidden Hill Chronicles, a tale set in an alternate universe based on a re-imagining of Singapore’s ancient past.

Guest Speaker

Joyce Chng writes science fiction and Young Adult. She has published in several international and overseas SFF magazines such as Crossed Genres, Bards and Sages Quarterly, Semaphore Magazine and MBRANE-SF. At the same time, her stories have appeared in anthologies such as The Apex Book of World SF II. Her urban fantasy novels are written under a pen name (J. Damask) and contracted under Lyrical Press.  Her writer’s blog is found at


Anu Kumar has written for older and younger readers alike.  She was awarded twice by the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association for her stories. Her books for children include a series on a time-travelling detective who solves mysteries in his flying machine, as well as a series on Indian mythology.  Her next book for older readers, due in September, is titled It takes a murder.



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