Structural Editing of Non-Fiction

The editor–author relationship is always advanced and enhanced when we, as professional, skilled editors, practise our skills and learn new ones. Whether you’re working on paper or on screen, this training will give you the skills to work effectively with your authors, to analyse a piece of text, find the most effective shape for it (structure and flow) and then, finesse each sentence so the whole piece shines.

Who needs this course:

Editors and any individual who would like to improve their editing skills for non-fiction.

Course Outline:

  •  Big Picture” editing: Assessing the whole piece for flow, comprehensiveness and logic
  •  Audience and purpose: Aligning text to particular markets
  •  “Ideal” shapes for various genre: Relationship between good writing and clear thinking
  • Identifying optimal beginnings, endings and transitions
  • Identifying challenges and finding solutions: checklists and exercises
  • Knowing how to ensure balance and elegance of language, ideas and form
  •  Making academic text engaging and effective (architecture, signposting)
  • Contemporary trade non-fiction: Blurred boundaries and new techniques
  • Exercising judgment: When to change and when to hold back.
  • Question and Answer session


Date: 17 August 2012

Time: 9.30am – 5.30pm

Venue: Level-5, Imagination Room National Library Board, 100 Victoria Street

Workshop Leader: Shelly Kenigsberg

Fees: S$250 per person (early bird registration before 17July 2012

S$280 per person (normal rate)

S$450 per person (for Advanced Copyediting and Proofreading/15 Aug 2012 + Structural Editing of Non-Fiction/17 Aug 2012)


To register, please click here.

Download the brochure


(65) 6848 8290



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