New Programme – Asian Expressions

Asian Expressions

Writing in Asian Languages

29th September – 2nd October 2012

The Singapore Book Council is launching a new programme this September and it is titled Asian Expressions (AEX).

Asian Expressions is a 4 day event which will be held in Singapore. AEX celebrate writing in Asian languages. and this year’s theme is “Crossing Language Barriers in Literary Arts – Translation”. AEX will also promote the translation of notable works in the Asian languages first into English and later into Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

Day one of the programme is on writings and writers in Chinese, Malay and Tamil. There will be a  networking and discussion forum for the writers in these languages. The next three days will be on translations.

To kick start, we have found an infograph on translation and although we are quite sure that translation is a lot more complex than what is depicted, here’s the infograph for your enjoyment:

We hope  that through AEX, we can encourage and promote reading and writing in Chinese, Malay and Tamil. Stay tune for more updates on AEX!

To find out more, please email


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