Writing Your Memoir

Date: 15 June 2012
Time: 10.00am – 6.00pm
Venue: Agatha Room, NLB Academy, Toa Payoh Public Library
6 Toa Payoh Central, Singapore 319191
Workshop Leader: Jospehine Chia
Fees: S$280 per person (normal rate)

Most of us have treasured memories that we would like to share with others. They could be happy or painful memories or memories of a way of life that is now gone. Whether you want to record your memoir for your grandchildren or the public, this workshop will show you how to write it in a readable and an entertaining way so that others will find it interesting too.
Josephine Chia has a successful book of memoirs called Frog Under a Coconut Shell. First published by Marshall Cavendish in 2001. The book went into its second edition ten years later in 2011. It was launched in UK in April 2011. The book is actually about her mother’s Alzheimer and how the family dealt with it. In order not to make it a depressive book, Josephine took the reader back into a time when the mother was healthy, young and beautiful. This period coincides with Josephine’s childhood in Kampong Potong Pasir in the 1950s in colonial Singapore.
Josephine is a Peranakan and is a published author and has an MA in Creative Writing. She lives and teaches both in Singapore and England. She writes both fiction and non-fiction, totalling seven books, published both in UK and Singapore. She has won several writing awards and prizes in UK.

 Introduction
 What is the difference between an autobiography and memoir?
 How do you transform your memories into good, creative prose?
 Rewriting boring sentences into creative, interesting prose.
 The Mantra of writing is: show not tell. Opening Sentences & Paragraph
 Writing the opening sentences of your memoir. (Using your own trigger ie photo, item, memorabilia etc)
 Elements of Story – what makes a story?
 Brainstorming to find your story
 Why must a memoir have dialogue?
 Writing good dialogue
 Setting a scene
 Characterisation & how it affects memoirs
 Reading out & discussion of participant’s First Page of memoirs (Participants are encouraged to submit First chapter of their own memoirs 3 weeks before the workshop to tutor prior to workshop but only First Page to be read out in class. If no one has written any, the time will be taken to write it)
 Publishing possibilities & market info

To register, please visit http://writingyourmemoir.eventbrite.com/.

Download the brochure.



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