Book Review: Code Shield

The Book Council is organising a book club on 18 May 2012, Friday, at Earshot, The Arts House. The author for the upcoming book club is none other than Eric Alagan. He has written two novels (adult thrillers) and three business books (for SMEs). One of his books, Property Valuation – Secrets of the Roman Valuation Model – made the Sunday Times Bestseller List for eight consecutive weeks. As a teaser to what his new book, Code Shield, is all about, here is a review on it. Enjoy!


CODE SHIELD – A Peek Into Singapore’s Secret Services

So it is a pleasure to say a few words in celebration of CODE SHIELD – a book which challenges us as readers. And this is a real compliment – few books do this. It is hard to put CODE SHIELD down once we begin reading – at least for me this is true (and I must say that I am a fastidious and demanding reader). The author, Eric Alagan has to be congratulated on writing a book, a novel, which demands we put it alongside some other wonderful fictions dealing with cross-national issues, particularly in the world of crime and crooks. It is, admittedly, in the realm of popular fiction. And there is no need to be apologetic about this wonderful genre as millions of readers world-wide enjoy and derive a great deal of satisfaction following their heroes and heroines as they struggle to break the insidious underworld of gangs, treachery and intrigue.

CODE SHIELD touches on several themes, which dominate today’s globalized world: from the very start, we are made to enter – even penetrate – a world in which men and women often become pawns in the hands of those who manifest power and money. Drugs, human-trafficking, political crossing and double-crossing are just some of the issues which Alagan’s book treats with due diligence and sensitive complexity. There are many characters – as there must be when we engage with such huge international issues – and Alagan’s treatment of these characters underlines a humanity tinged with reality grounded in experience.

I do not wish to spoil anyone’s enjoyment by giving more of the book away. Suffice that here is a Singaporean novel, which will I believe, find its rightful place among some of the more popular titles in this large but challenging field of detective and crime fiction. I look forward to seeing more books come out from the pen – or computer – of our gifted writer- and one who is not afraid to try to break new ground.

Written by:

Kirpal Singh

Kirpal Singh is Director of the Wee Kim Wee Centre at the Singapore Management University. A poet, fictionist and critic, he is well-known speaker in the arena of Creativity, Innovation and the Future.


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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Code Shield

  1. I cannot but totally agree with the above review. Have personally read the book and completely entrenched in it. Code Shield is an expression of mystery, violence, secrecy, double meanings, underworld, political involvement, simplicity of a father’s love – varies within the different scenes. It is nerve gripping, yet hidden with highly intelligence wheelings and dealings. Makes you want to know what is going thru’ the author’s head to produce this highly complex scheme and makes it a compelling read.

  2. I am new to political thrillers, but after reading The Rx Factor by J. Thomas Shaw I am hooked and can’t wait to read more books of this genre. I will definitely be checking out “Code Shield.” Thanks for the recommendation.

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