Word of Mouth for Books & eBooks Marketing

The rise of the new media has changed the manner through which people consume content and information. Giants in the industry are changing their game plan to keep up. Just this past week the Encyclopedia Britannica has announced they will stop selling the print version and become fully digital. The method of book selling is changing too and so has the booksellers’ (and authors’) marketing strategies.

Book Marketing Expert and author of 1001 Ways to Market your Books, John Kremer, was here in Singapore to conduct a 2-day workshop on effective book marketing. The workshop was attended by authors, publishers, marketing executives, editors and others who were interested to learn the strategies of books and ebooks marketing.


Word of Mouth

In our increasingly digital world, relationships, whether personal or commercial, are formed and maintained in the World Wide Web. Large companies are using social media to connect to their target audience and sell their products. If you are a writer or publisher, your product would most likely be a book or an ebook.

So how do you rise above the cacophony in Facebook and Twitter and compete with other pages and websites to get your book noticed?

Treat it like an election: Appear, in person, to your target audience. Share your “cause” with them, which in this case is your book and its content. That’s not to suggest that you should hire a lorry and start driving around the neighborhood with loudspeakers blaring “I have a new book coming out – go and buy it!”. That might get you arrested.

But you should leave the relative comfort of your office, desk and computer, come out from behind your author profile and web persona, and meet face-to-face the people whom you want to sell your books to.

No one can remember every single tweet on their timeline but we do remember a person’s face and voice. Speaking to people, through talks, workshops or seminars, is a great way to leave an impression.


Author Denyse Tessehson, while doing research for an earlier book,discovered the late Errol Le Cain, a Singaporean illustator, animator and children’s books author. She was intrigued by his life and extensive body of work, and decide to devote a full book to him. Just last week, she shared some of her findings during a presentation at the NLB. and also announced that she is publishing a biography of him, and is looking for sponsors and support through pre-orders. Guess what? Several attendees at the presentation pledged their support in pre-purchasing copies of the book.


You believe in your book, the content you have created. And you know that once you convince people to open your book, they will love it. There’s no better way to persuade people to do so – get out there and speak. Such energy is contagious and someone in the audience will catch your fire. The audience may be small in the beginning but remember word travels!


A good way to begin would be to conduct school talks and speak at literary festivals. Be aware of what’s coming up on the calendar, and look out for platforms where you can be invited to speak. You can check out the Bookcouncil’s Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. We are constantly updating our social media platforms with events in the literary world.

To sum it up: speaking is a good and quick way to get it started!



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