A Storytelling Festival with A Difference

Kamini Ramachandran

by Kamini Ramachandran, MoonShadow Stories, Singapore

The annual Singapore International Story Telling Festival (SISF) is a highly-anticipated event among the storytelling community in Singapore.

Since the Festival’s inception in 2006, I have been involved as a participant and facilitator. This year, I have taken the role as one of the organisers and a content provider.

As President of the Storytelling Association (Singapore) for the past four terms, I can see that our local storytellers always look forward to honing their skills with tailored Masterclasses that sharpen and develop different aspects of their storytelling skills.

This year’s SISF, taking place from 1 to 5 September gives the storytelling community in Singapore the opportunity to attend world-class workshops and seminars facilitated by some of the best storytellers around the world.

Last October, I met Abbi Patrix in Edinburgh when I was invited to participate in the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2010. Abbi’s work in France in mentoring storytellers inspired me to invite him to SISF this year. Not only will he be facilitating an exclusive storytelling masterclass for our experienced storytellers, he will also be delivering the Keynote address at the Asian Congress of Storytellers on 3 Sept 2011. 

My work in MoonShadow Stories has always been about stretching the boundaries of storytelling and reaching out to new audiences. Last year, I was invited to present a joint Keynote address at the IAEVG – JIVA Conference in Bangalore, India. This resulted in my exploration of using storytelling to counsel others. For the first time in Singapore, I will introduce a special full day workshop on this theme to our local storytellers, counsellors and anyone interested to find out how to use storytelling in any form of counselling work.

A storytelling festival is not complete without a community of storytellers sharing the stories of their land with the listeners! Ramayana, The Asian Epic is my contribution this year to showcase a well-known epic shared by all our races and common to all of our Asian regions.

With the continued support of the NBDCS and the passionate talents of the local storytelling community, the SISF has made a mark on the international storytelling scene as the main storytelling event in Asia.


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