Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award (HABA) 2011: Shortlist

The National Book Development Council of Singapore is pleased to announce the shortlisted works for the Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award (HABA) 2011.

The shortlisted titles are not listed in order of merit:

1. Bunny Finds The Right Stuff by Emily Lim

2. Monkey Magic – The Curse of Mukada by Grant S. Clark

3. The Singapore Kid by Jessica Alejandro

4. Ten by Shamini Flint

5. There’s Soup on My Fly by David Seow

6. The Book That Was Handed Down by Yixian Quek

7. I Don’t Want Mei Mei Anymore by Lynn Lee 

8. Rochee The Friendliest Cockroach by Gavin Goo Thiam Chuan

The Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award (HABA) is presented biennially for an outstanding book for children written by a Singaporean or PR.

The award main objectives are:

  1. To encourage the quality and quantity of books published for children; and
  2. To promote the publication of books, set in a familiar and meaningful background that is relevant to the Singapore children.

The prize money is worth S$10,000, and is to be shared by the writer and the illustrator. Should the book be a translation, the award will be shared equally three ways: writer, illustrator and translator. If, in any one year, none of the works submitted merit the Award, the judges shall not declare any winner.

A total of 67 titles were submitted, out of which 22 entries were Novels, 44 entries were Short Stories or Picture Books and 1 entry on Poetry.

About Mrs Hedwig Anuar:

Mrs Hedwig Anuar was the first Singaporean Director of the National Library of Singapore, a position she held from 1960 until her retirement in 1988. Though she put in place the foundations of the modern library system inSingaporeand made contributions to all aspects of library work, this award recognises her outstanding contribution to children’s librarianship and the promotion of books and reading for children.

About the NBDCS:

National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS) is a non-profit umbrella body inaugurated in 1969 to promote literary arts and publishing through a variety of interesting and innovative programmes. Its current objective is to establish and developSingapore as the Asian centre for publishing and the literary arts.

For further enquiries, please contact:

R. Ramachandran

Executive Director

Tel: 6848 8291

Email: rama@bookcouncil.sg


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