Free Workshop: Writing for Television/Selling to Television

The television market is voracious. New product, new ideas and new people are always being sought out in an ever evolving marketplace. Do you have TV show ideas but lack the know-how to get your ideas sold? This workshop will teach you how to develop your ideas the way the experienced show runners do. Working TV writers, producers and show runners Dee LaDuke& Mark Alton Brown will walk you through the key ingredients essential for good television and the entire process of developing your ideas into viable and sellable TV pitches.

We will help you to develop in yourself the same skills that the TV and studio executives use to decide which ideas will go on to be the TV shows of tomorrow. Every part of the process will be explored, including: the aesthetics of television, analyzing the marketplace, finding an agent, getting pitch meetings, networking, developing your story, writing the pilot, polishing your pitch, knowingwhat to ask for and closing the deal. The last hour will be a question and answer session so come prepared with questions and ideas.

The Speakers:

Mark Alton Brown and Dee LaDukeare currently creating a new series for the BET network. They served for eight years as Writer/Producers on the CW’s hit series, GIRLFRIENDS. Mark and Dee were the Executive Producers of the show along with Mara Brock Akil, the show’s creator. They created and were the Executive Producers of REUNITED, a comedy series starring Julie Hagertywith Castle Rock for UPN. Their produced pilots include NBC’s, DANGEROUS WOMEN WITH BAD ATTITUDES and GABBY. They’ve worked as writer/producers on multiple half-hour series, most notably as Supervising Producers on the long-running DESIGNING WOMEN.

LaDuke &  Brown wrote and produced the cult classic, comic mock-documentary film, JACKIE’S BACK for Lifetime. Their feature, MOUNTAINHEART is currently in pre-production. They have also have written BEFORE AND AFTER for USA Network and four original features, VENTURA BLVD., THE WHOLE TRUTH, TOO HIP and LIFERS.

They are also the authors of the recently released, “Writing and Producing Television,” part of the Gardner’s Guide series of books. They speak and do seminars based on the book and are in the process of creating an online course. They are the recipients of a Shine Award, GLAAD Media Award and the BET Comedy Award.

Date: 11 April 2011, Monday
Time: 2pm -5pm
Venue: AS5/05-09A

The workshop is free and open to the public!!!

Attendance is by registration only, on a first come, first served basis. Email Dr. Jane Nardin ( to reserve a spot.

The free workshop is presented by The Department of English Language and Literature, National University of Singapore in conjunction with the Global Social Change Film Festival and the National Book Development Council of Singapore.


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