Course: Creative Writing Workshop (In Mandarin)

The National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS), with the support of National Library Board (NLB) and Singapore Association of Writers is organising a Creative Writing Workshop (in Mandarin). Ms Yew Chin, a well known author, will be conducting the workshop.

Course Objective:

This workshop aims to broaden the participants’ powers of observation, imagination, and language skills. The main focus will be on developing skills through theme based activities which will help to boost the writer’s confidence and their ability to write and express themselves clearly and creatively.

Course Outline:

1) The Format that Fits

2) Ideas Development

3) Writing with Passion

Target Audience:

For aspiring writers – poets, novelists, screenplay writers and anyone interested in the art of writing and the usage of Chinese expressions.

About the Workshop Leader:

Yew Chin, who is better known by her pseudonym You Jin, is a highly experienced writer. She is a voracious reader of Chinese literature. She submitted her first literary work, I Wish to Be a Fairy Tale Writer, at the age of 11, to a Singapore Chinese-language newspaper, which subsequently published it. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree (first-class honours) from the Nanyang University`s Chinese and Literature Department in 1973. She started work at the National Library. After three years as a librarian she became a journalist and later an editor at Nanyang Siang Bao, a Singapore Chinese-language daily newspaper. In the 1980s, she embarked on a new career as a teacher, teaching at a secondary school and subsequently in a junior college. She is presently a freelance writer. Though she has been a librarian, journalist and a teacher, it is in the literary arts where she has achieved her greatest acclaim and fame.

Critical Analysis:

You are welcome to bring some of your own works to the workshop for analysis by the workshop leader. Please email your works to by 31 December 2010. Works submitted after this date will not be considered.

Date & Time:

21 Jan 2011, 9.30am – 5.30pm, and

22 Jan 2011, 9.30am – 12.30pm


Activity Room, L1, Geylang East Public Library

For more information or to register, visit us at Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before registering.

Tel: (65) 6848 8292


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