Course: Literacy Instruction for Delayed Readers

Delayed readers, (i.e. readers having difficulty reading at age appropriate levels at the onset of school) are a common phenomenon in schools today. Though a learning support programme has been implemented to cater to the remediation of these students, not all students succeed in learning how to read. In view of this, this workshop introduces participants to the Pause, Praise and Prompt (PPP) Approach to reading instruction. Research has shown that the use of PPP Approach is capable of bringing about increased gains in reading proficiency of students not reading at age appropriate levels. However, an important prerequisite for success of the Approach is that it is
implemented effectively.

This workshop, apart from orientating participants to the PPP approach, also provides information on how the PPP approach is to be implemented effectively through a comprehensive and scaffolded training programme. The final part of the workshop will focus on the kind of the interaction that occur between the tutor and a tutee as a result of the scaffolded training programme, discussing the impact of the training programme and how it can be further strengthened.

Workshop Outline:

* Explanation of the PPP approach and research findings

* Demonstration of the PPP approach and handson activity

* How training can be conducted using a scaffolded approach

* Excerpts from an actual tutor to demonstrate the impact of the training

* Suggestions for further improvement

Who Should Come:

For teachers and learning support coordinators of lower Primary school students and preschool children (K1 and K2), and anyone working to improve the language and reading skills of learners at different levels

About the Workshop Leader:

Dr Chitra Shegar completed her PhD in the University of Western Australia. During her stint there, she conducted seminars and summer courses in the University of Western Australia and served as a language consultant.

In Singapore, she has taught in secondary and tertiary institutions. She has also conducted in-service teacher training courses in RELC for 5 years. The courses taught included Reading, Writing and Grammar. As a language consultant she conducted workshops and seminars for language teachers and parents in Singapore. In addition, enrichment programmes were also carried out for students as part of her language consultancy projects. She has also presented papers and conducted workshops in several international conferences.

Dr Chitra Shegar is currently with the English Language & Literature Academic Group at National Institute of Education, Singapore.

Date: 13 November 2010, Saturday

Time: 9:30am – 12:45pm

Venue: Activity Room, L1, Geylang East Public Library

For more information or to register, visit us at Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before registering.

Tel: (65) 6848 8290


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