Singapore Book Club: Meira Chand – “A Different Sky”

In December, join author Meira Chand, Professor Koh Tai Ann and Deepika Shetty as we discuss “A Different Sky”.

A Different Sky is published by Harvill Secker and is set against the backdrop of pre-Independence Singapore. In the UK, the bookshop chain Waterstones, have voted the novel as their Cardholder’s Book Circle Choice for July 2010.

Singapore – a trading post where different lives jostle and mix. It is 1927 and three young people are starting to question whether this in between island can ever truly be their home.

Mei Lan comes from a famous Chinese dynasty but yearns to free herself from its stifling traditions; Howard seethes at the indignities heaped on his fellow Eurasians by the colonial British; Raj, fresh off the boat from India, wants only to work hard and become a successful businessman.

As the years pass, Singapore falls to the Japanese.  While suffering the agonies of occupation, the three are thrown together in unexpected ways, and tested to breaking point.

Date: 3 December 2010, Friday

Time: 7.00pm

Venue: Earshot @ The Arts House (1 Old Parliament Lane)


For more information or to register, email with your contact details.


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