Singapore Children’s Book Club: Serene Wee – “Present”

Join us in October as Serene Wee talks about her first children’s novel, PRESENT.

PRESENT  is a heart-warming tale about a boy and his family, set in tuition mad Singapore where kids go for enrichment lessons because they have to and turn up for football because they want to.

Guest: Serene Wee taught English language, English Literature, General Paper and German as a foreign language and was with the Ministry of Education for ten years. She has written, edited and published many children’s books and short stories as well as non-fiction work. Her picture books include When Feet Talk (Causa Vera International), The Tale of Lady Cabbage (Tahanan Books) and Harry Straw Hat (Scholastic).

Speaker: Mohamed Pitchay is a lecturer with the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. He is the coordinator for the Special Training Programme (Mother Tongue). He is also the President of Angkatan Sasterawan ‘50 (Generation of the 1950’s Writers Movement) and its’ Head of the Research and Development. He was awarded the Young Laureate Award in 2006 for his contributions in the area of Malay language and literature.

Facilitator: Nora Yuan-de Silva is a specialist teacher for the English Language, English Literature and Language Arts papers in a wide number of exam pathways, such the “O/A” level pathway, the International Baccalaureate and the IGCSE.  Mrs D’s lesson is known for its insight and understanding of how students learn and she has successfully “converted” many Maths and Science-inclined students to a life-long love of literature.

Date: 30 October 2010

Time: 2.30pm

Venue:  Earshot @ The Arts House (1 Old Parliament Lane)


For more information or to register, email with your contact details.


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