Singapore Book Club: Hidayah Amin – “Gedung Kuning”

In September, join author Hidayah Amin as she discusses “Gedung Kuning”.

Gedung Kuning or the Yellow Mansion was home to the family of Haji Yusoff ‘Tali Pinggang’ from 1912 to 1999. It was acquired by the Singapore government in August 1999 under the Land Acquisition Act. What used to house six families is now preserved as a historic building under the Malay Heritage Centre.

Hidayah Amin, one of Haji Yusoff’s great-granddaughters, revisits her childhood home and takes readers beyond the gate guarded by stone eagles, through rooms with big mirrors and marble floors, and shares interesting anecdotes growing up in Gedung Kuning. Through 28 short stories, readers get a historical narrative detailing the lives of people living in Gedung Kuning and the Malays of Singapore from 1850s to 1999.

Guest: Hidayah Amin, fondly known to family members as Cik Idah, was born and grew up in Gedung Kuning. She is the creator of, an informational website which introduces some socio-economic aspects of the Malays in Asia through her own family’s history.

Speaker: Dr. John Miksic is an Associate Professor of Southeast Asian Studies Programme in NUS. His teaching interests include Art and History of Pre-modern S.E. Asia, Classical civilizations of S.E. Asia and Archaeology of S.E. Asia.  He acts as an advisor for the Fort Canning History Centre Project, conducts archaeological excavations and supervises constructions of designs for displays for Fort Canning Hill. 

Facilitator: Kevin YL Tan is President of the Singapore Heritage Society. A legal academic for most of his working life, he now divides his time between teaching law and consulting on history, heritage and publishing. He is also the author and editor over two dozen books on law, history and politics.

Date: 3 September 2010, Friday

Time: 8 p.m.

Venue: Living Room @ The Arts House (1 Old Parliament Lane)


For more information or to register, email with your contact details.


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