Storytelling in Residence: Invite a storyteller to visit your school!

Introduce Storytelling in your School’s Curriculum

Word is spreading about the relevance of storytelling in schools and the number of storytellers in schools is growing worldwide. Imagine how excited the students and teachers will be to attend an assembly or workshop presented by international storytellers.

➠ Storytelling provides those all-important points of entry:
As a learning tool, storytelling encourages students to explore their unique expressiveness and heighten a student’s ability to communicate thoughts and feelings in an articulate, lucid manner.

➠ Multi-sensory Development in the Storytelling Classroom:
Through telling stories students gain presentation skills, knowledge of their subject, and learn through teaching and sharing with others.

➠ Storytelling for Special Needs Children:
Storytelling is also a fabulous tool to develop the listening and concentration of late developers or children with special needs; as well as to engage and draw their attention in a way that is enjoyable and less stressful for them. Storytelling also encourages language and reading development and can be integrated into a variety of curriculum areas.

Confirming a storyteller for your school: 

1. Decide which of these storytellers you would like come to your school:

  • Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald (US)
  • Donna Jacobs Sife (Australia)

2. Choose a date between 30 Aug 10 to 4 Sept 10

3. The fees are as per the following:

  • 1 assembly performance @ S$600
  • 1 storytelling workshop @ S$1,200

4. Email to

Performance at an assembly is for 45 mins (one storyteller), and a storytelling workshop is for 2 hours. No size limit for performances at assemblies, but ideally 30 participants for workshops. Programmes for students are eligible for the Singapore Totalisator Board Arts Grant.


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