Origins: Asia Pacific Business Narative Conference 2011

Origins: Asia Pacific Business Narrative Conference

Origins is the first Asia Pacific Business Narrative Conference which aims to foster the practice of business storytelling and narrative techniques in the Asia Pacific region and to build awareness among government agencies and corporations of the power of storytelling and narrative for business.

Why participate?
Great leaders are storytellers who understand the persuasive power of stories. With narrative methods having a substantial impact on businesses, particularly in areas of leadership, communication, staff engagement, strategy alignment and execution, corporate storytelling is fast-becoming an important tool for cultural and organisational change.

Who should participate?
Leaders; Change managers and change activists; Managers in knowledge management, organisational development and organisation learning roles; people in corporate/ strategic planning, instructional design, coaching, mentoring, communications, branding, marketing and sales roles.

Date: 7-8 Sept 2010
Venue: Legends Ballroom, The Legends, Fort Canning Park

T: +65 68488290
F: +65 67429466

Registration is available online at Please refer to the website for registration terms & condition.


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