Scholastic Asian Book Award 2011

“Celebrating Children’s Books From Asia”

The National Book Development Council of Singapore and Scholastic Asia are delighted to announce that they are jointly launching an Asian book prize. The Scholastic Asian Book Award will recognise Asians and writers of Asian origin who are taking the experiences of life, spirit and thinking in different parts of Asia to the rest of the continent and to the world at large. The award would also promote the understanding of the Asian experience and its expression in innovative and creative forms.

The inaugural Scholastic Asia Children’s Book Prize for fiction will be awarded in May 2011, at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content, in Singapore.

The objectives of the award are to recognise excellence in fiction with Asian stories for children, to showcase the diversity of literary talent within Asia, and to encourage and inspire more Asian books.

The Scholastic Asia Book Award will be awarded each year to an unpublished manuscript in English (either an original work of fiction or a translation from any work of fiction written in any Asian language) targeted at children of ages 6 to 12 years written by writers in Asia or of Asian origin. The authors may have been previously published.

The best manuscript will also win a prize of S$10,000, and a plaque. The manuscript will also be considered by Scholastic Asia for publication.

According to Maggie Tan, Senior Vice President, Scholastic Asia, ‘It is always Scholastic’s endeavour to connect children to the books they love. Asia’s rich heritage of children’s writing needs to be recognised and promoted, and we are happy to be a part of this endeavour.’

According to R. Ramachandran, Executive Director, National Book Development Council of Singapore, ‘The prize will not only recognise quality Asian Children’s works but would also inspire the writing of more relevant Asian  material for children’s reading pleasure and to meet their educational needs for material related to their culture and environment.’

For more information, please contact:
Jade Yong
The National Book Development Council of Singapore
c/o Geylang East Public Library
50 Geylang East Avenue 1, Singapore 389777
Tel: +65 6848 8292

About Scholastic
Scholastic, founded in 1920, is the largest children’s publisher and distributor in the world.


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