Singapore Book Club: David Fedo – “Carrots and Other Poems”

In May, join author Dr. David Fedo, Yong Shu Hoong and Richard Lord, as we discuss “Carrots and Other Poems”.

“Carrots and Other Poems” is a book that tries to look at life as it really happens to most people, with poems that are exhilarating and sad, quizzical and resilient, engaging and wistful.   With settings from the northern American state of Minnesota, to Boston and New England, and then on to Singapore, Fedo, observant and alert to the nuances of living, crafts poems that ask, but refrain from easily answering, the important existential questions.

Dr David Fedo is a native of Minnesota and a long time teacher of literature and college administrator in the United State. He is currently the Executive Director and Visiting Scholar at the Singapore branch of the Wheelock College (Boston, Massachusetts, USA) Center for International Education, Leadership, and Innovation.  He has published a poetry collection, Carrots and other Poems and was on a panel at the recent Singapore Writers Festival which explored the works of contemporary Italian, Singaporean and American poets.  His doctorate in English and American literature is from Boston University.

Date: 21 May 2010, Friday

Time: 7.00pm

 Venue: Earshot @ The Arts House (1 Old Parliament Lane)


For more information or to register, email with your contact details.


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