Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2010

Book Launch – Gardy in the City of Lions: Aditi and her Friends on their 9th adventure by Suniti Namjoshi

The Aditi Adventure series, now numbering twelve, is about a little girl named Aditi and her friends – Monkeyji the One-eyed Monkey, Siril the Ant and Beautiful Ele the Beautiful Elephant. Aditi and her friends are based in India, but their adventures take them to locations the world over. In Aditi Adventures I and II, they went to London, Australia, Canada, the Bay of Naples in Italy, Devon in England, and Budapest and Prague in Eastern Europe. And now, Aditi Adventures III sees them in Singapore and Hong Kong – and also in exciting encounters with outer space and cyberspace! Launching at the festival is the first book in the third set of the series which sees the friends in Singapore, the ‘city of lions’.

Until recently, Suniti Namjoshi has been mainly known for her work for adults. Her work has been published in India, Canada, Britain, the US, Europe and Australia, and in translation. In the past few years she has begun writing prolifically for children.

Date: 7 May 2010, Friday
Time: 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Venue: Earshot @ The Arts House



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