Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2010

A Collective Book Launch by SBPA

Breaking the Silence draws upon the perception and reality about bullying as seen through the eyes of students, educators and parents from different parts of society. It provides a peek into what bullying is really like here in Singapore. In producing this book, the editors have included contributions from key experts in the field of education and psychology. Based upon true stories and large-scale surveys conducted with children in Singapore schools, it provides a comprehensive account of the nature and prevalence of traditional and cyber bullying in both primary and secondary schools.

Breaking the Silence, edited by Esther Ng and Ken Rigby

Say Hello! Greetings from America & Asia and Say Hello! Greetings from Africa & Europe, written & illustrated by Ken Lou
Say ‘hello’ and meet your friends from 21 cultures across America and Asia! Know how your friends greet and dress, and find out their favourite festivals and food as well as music and dance. As you take steps to appreciate and respect others’ way of life, you will become a well-loved friend, and grow as an ambassador of peace. Don’t put this book away until you know how to say ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ in their languages. Then count the smiles that greet you when you say those nice words. That’s no surprise – you’re a citizen of the world!

Baby Panda Finds His Way, written by Emily Lim and illustrated by Li Dan
Baby Panda was not very good at showing respect—to his mother, his elders or even to his environment. One day, he becomes lost. With the help of Tiger, Baby Panda is finally reunited with his mother, but not before he has learnt about the importance of respect. This is the second book in the “Asian Values” series. Each book in the series introduces children to an Asian Value in an accessible and enjoyable way through a simple, engaging and thought-provoking story. The first book in the “Asian Values” series is Water Buffalo’s Reward.

Georgette’s Mooncakes (Chinese version), written by Adeline Foo, illustrated by Lee Kowling and translated by Lim Fong Wei
Two little girls found themselves caught up in the middle of an uprising in ancient China, as the Chinese revolted against their Mongol rulers. Against a backdrop of mystical Chinese lanterns and monstrous Japanese kites, this story traces the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival, weaving in the magic of mooncakes painted by one of Singapore’s pioneer artists, Georgette Chen.

Date: 8 May, Saturday
Time: 5.00pm – 6.00pm
Venue: Earshot @ The Arts House



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