Asian Parents Forum, 9 May 2010

Asian Parents Forum (APF) workshops offer opportunities for parents, and interested individuals to get professional advice, support and information on quality content, children’s growing pains, creative experience and potential so that each participant can become more confident and competent in managing the reading habits and learning needs of their children.

Target Audience : Primary, preschool and kindergarten teachers and parents

10am – 11am : Brainchildren, Dilip Mukerjea

This session addresses the truth that the first wonder of the world is the mind of a child. All children are capable of performing learning miracles. Parents and teachers can enable their children to become able, to be future-ready…via diverse aspects of the brain’s artistry, virtuosity, and sense of play! Brainchildren is the affirmation that children need to live a LIFE with wisdom from L = Leadership, I = Imagination, F = Fellowship, and E = Entertainment!


11am – 12pm : 5 Steps to Making your Child Self-Confident, Vikas Malkani

Join Vikas Malkani, the creator of SoulKids™ and the best selling author of ‘The SoulKids™ Book of Self Confidence’, as he shares tips to help you strengthen your child’s self-belief and increase self-confidence. You will be able to help your children become happy achievers and give your child a solid foundation for becoming independent when they grow up into adults. Also learn how to communicate effectively, and enhance their communication skills. You will be able to help your children develop greater focus and motivation


10am – 12.15pm : Values-based coaching and mentoring through Storytelling, Steve Morris

This interactive workshop is designed to help parents and caregivers to coach and mentor virtuous behaviours in the children. Entrepreneur, author, storyteller, and Leadership and Life Coach, Steve Morris, will offer practical tips on how to approach values-based coaching and mentoring; coaching tips for razing self-esteem; techniques for giving advice that children are motivated to act on; ways to motivate and inspire children to set and achieve their own high standards; and, most importantly, things you can do to polish yourself up as a virtuous role model. Come and be inspired to LEARN – SERVE – ENJOY and BESTOW a glorious future to those we love most, our children.


2pm – 3pm : Concurrent Sessions

– Starting with the Parents : Strategy of using books to educate children at home, Dr. Murti Bunanta

This workshop deals with two main issues. The first part will discuss how to encourage children to read using parents as a role model, what to do and not to do. The second part offers tips and strategy using story, plot, and characters of the books to communicate with children about moral, environmental and gender issues, family and emotional problems, sibling rivalry, adolescence problems, tolerances etc.

– Multicultural Literature : Looking Out to Grow Within, Daphne Lee

Parents and teachers have the very important role of being the ones children rely on to introduce them to and supply them with books. This role is an opportunity to ensure that children are exposed to a wide variety of reading material – not just in terms of genre but also cultural significance. But what exactly does multicultural literature refer to? In this interactive session, you will explore the world of multicultural children’s and teen literature, and discuss why children need to see themselves as well as others in the books they read.

– How to make Bed-time Storytelling fun and why it is so important, Petrina Kow

Bedtime stories are an important ritual for your children. We’ll show you how to select the right books for bed-time and the right books for your kids, how to enhance your reading skills and make the stories come alive! Also, how to also sneak in some reading lessons without them even realising it! Besides that, it will hopefully inspire you to read to your kids every night and be on your way to building loving and lasting relationships with your children. 


3.15pm – 4.15pm : Concurrent Sessions

– Breaking the Silence : Coping with Bullying, Esther Ng        

Esther is the Founder of Coalition Against Bullying for Children & Youth and has received the Singapore Woman Award 2009 for her passion to advocate for children and youth. Her book entitled “Breaking the Silence: Bullying in Singapore” was released in Jan 2010 and was requested for reprint within a week. Here, Esther will share about bullying and its prevalence in Singapore. Some case studies will also be presented to provide a wider perspective to the types of problems and solutions that can be considered for intervention and prevention.

– Understanding Your Child’s Individual Learning Style : The Importance of a Positive Start to Reading, Fiona Walker

Here, Fiona will share with us the three major styles of learning. By helping you identify your child’s own learning style, she empowers you to provide the activities and experiences your child will need as they start out on their literacy journey. Fiona is Principal director of Julia Gabriel Centre for Learning & Chiltern House pre-schools and is co-creator of the recently launched picture-book “An Alphabet Zoo Phonemic Adventure with Rainbow Bear”.


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