Asian Children’s Publishers Symposium, 8 May 2010

The Asian Children’s Publishers Symposium (ACPS) will consist of workshops from leading players within the industry, interactive panel discussions led by  professionals, all designed to foster knowledge, learning and strategies for building  a successful children’s publishing industry.

Target audience: Publishers, book and media distributors, and retailers

9am – 10.15am: Panel presentation I

Explore new cooperative opportunities and respond to the current needs and priorities in Asia.

– Challenges of Co-publishing and Disseminating Children’s Books on Living Heritage in Asia, Misako Ohnuki

– Business opportunities: the children’s book industry in India, Sayoni Basu

– Myanmar children’s books and production trends, Mra Hninzi

10.30am – 11.30am: Responding to the challenges and the opportunities in publishing for children in Asia, Teri Tan

In multicultural and multilingual Asia, what sells well in one country may not get any shelf space in another. What is outdated here may very well be the big seller once repurposed and adapted for the market just across the border. So how do we overcome the challenges and find the opportunities? And what can publishers, authors and illustrators learn from some Asian originals that have found success in the West?

11.30am – 1pm: Publisher’s Business Fourm I

ASEAN / India Writers, Illustrators and Publishers Dialogue

Here, we aim to promote a two way flow of content between India and ASEAN countries; the challenges in breaking into the Indian and ASEAN markets, explore joint publications and collaborations between writers, illustrators and publishers, and encourage joint conferences and training programmes that will address the needs of the Indian and ASEAN book industries.

Facilitator: Triena Ong

Panel: Mita Kapur, Sayoni Basu, Radhika Menon, Karina Bolasco,  Risuan Aramcharoen, Teri Tan

2.30pm – 3.45pm: Panel Presentation II

Explore new cooperative opportunities and respond to the current needs and priorities in Asia.

– The market for Asian children’s books in Australia, Lynette Thomas

– Trends in the production of Children’s books and related content in France, Nathalie Beau

– Picture Books: Selling to the Taiwan and China Marketplace, Kathleen Ahrens & Irene Chen

4pm – 5pm: The Dust and the Magic of Children’s Interactive Publishing, Dr. Warren Buckleitner

What is new with interactive publishing? Never before have we had so many ways to tell a story to a child. That’s the good news. It’s also very easy to make a mess. In this session, we’ll examine, by way of demonstrations, some examples of good design as well as some of the most common mistakes.

5.15pm – 7pm: Publisher’s Business Forum II

Asia / Australia Writers, Illustrators and Publishers Consultation

Here, we aim to provide a platform for Asian and Australian counterparts in the writing, illustrating and publishing to exchange information and ideas, and to establish links of mutual benefit. What can be done to complement each other’s markets, produce texts which aim to cross boundaries and build collaborations between Australian and Asian writers and illustrators.

Facilitator: Dr. Ken Spillman

Panel: Clive Newman, John Danalis, Sharon Flindell, Fong Hoe Fang, Shamini Flint, Daphne Lee


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