Asian Children’s Writers & Illustrators Conference, 6-8 May

The Asian Children’s Writers and Illustrators Conference (ACWIC) celebrates children’s books and media, promotes the writing, publication and production as well as access to Asian Children’s content worldwide. ACWIC actively fosters the exchange of ideas and presents enormous networking and learning opportunities for established and budding professionals in the region.

Target Audience: Writers, illustrators, preschool and primary school teachers, publishers, librarians and other media professionals related to children’s content. 

As part of the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC), we are organizing a series of related workshops and one-on-ones sessions, the details of which are given below: 


6 May  

6pm – 9pm: Writing Plays for Young Audiences, Jonathan Dorf 

Despite the enormous demand from schools and theatre companies, young people continue to be perhaps the most underserved demographic in the theatre.  But the audiences of the future desperately need quality plays now.  Over the span of three hours, workshop participants will learn what it takes to write them.  Our crash course in playwriting will focus on the following elements:  getting the idea and developing it, character, structure and conflict, setting, dialogue, action/stage directions and proper format—viewed through the lens of writing for young people. 

6pm – 9pm: Writing Young Adults Fiction, Dr. Ken Spillman 

If you’ve ever wanted to write fiction for the Young Adult market, here’s your opportunity to begin.  In this workshop, you’ll be invited to become a teenager again – without some of the hassles!  Dr Ken Spillman will equip you to re-enter the complex, exciting and sometimes heartbreaking worlds beyond childhood, in which innocence is replaced by deeper perceptions.  Your task?  Bring your courage to start delivering those worlds effectively to young readers. 

7 May 

6pm – 9pm: Storyboards and Picture Book Dummies for Good Bookmaking, Naomi Kojima 

Putting together the storyboard and book dummy is a necessary process and the foundation for good bookmaking. It enables illustrators and authors to see their work more clearly, and to find clues for editing and arranging text and illustration. In this hands-on workshop we will take a pre-selected story and turn it into a 32-page picture book dummy. Naomi will demonstrate the basics for preparing storyboards and book dummies: dividing text for placement on pages, creating visual flow and pacing of text and pictures, as well as basic layout and design. Both writers and illustrators are welcome. Story text and paper will be provided. You will need to bring scissors, pencils, glue or tape. 

6pm – 9pm: Screenwriting for Young People, Paul Kooperman 

This is an introductory workshop on writing a film or developing an idea for a TV show. It will include the selection of an idea, how to develop it, creating a plot and characters, writing good dialogue, strengthening themes, the ‘three act structure’, the ‘log line’, ‘pitch’ and selling your idea/screenplay to a network or producer. This workshop is for those keen to get into the industry and develop their writing skills in order to get a film or TV show produced. 


Try out your ideas and give it your best shot. You will have the opportunity to meet with a writer, illustrator, publisher or editor individually to pitch your story ideas and get feedback. Only one piece of work will be viewed at a time slot (20 mins). 

*A separate fee applies. Please email regina@bookcouncil.sgto book your preferred time slot. Please submit your manuscript or illustrations (soft copies in pdf files) in advance before 15 April 2010 so as to allow more time for critique. Successful applicants will be contacted. 

6 May 

3.20pm – 4.40pm : Mita Kapur 

5pm – 6.20pm : Anushka Ravishankar 

6.40pm – 8pm : Naomi Kojima 

7 May 

3.20pm – 4.40pm : Ken Spillman 

5pm – 6.20pm : John Danalis 

6.40pm – 8pm : Sayoni Basu  

8 May 

3pm – 4.20pm : Clive Newman 

4.20pm – 5.40pm : Holly Thompson 

6pm – 7.20pm : Sally Heinrich


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