Asian Children’s Writers & Illustrators Conference, 6-8 May

The Asian Children’s Writers and Illustrators Conference (ACWIC) celebrates children’s books and media, promotes the writing, publication and production as well as access to Asian Children’s content worldwide. ACWIC actively fosters the exchange of ideas and presents enormous networking and learning opportunities for established and budding professionals in the region.

Target Audience:

Writers, illustrators, pre school and primary school teachers, publishers, librarians, literary agents, distributors and retailers, translators, technology solution providers to the industry and other media professionals related to children’s content will find ACWIC a learning event that they cannot afford to miss.

TRACK F: Marketing and distribution – Creating Bestsellers

6 May

10am – 11am: The emerging role of literary agents in Asia: How they can contribute to the development of children’s content, Mita Kapur

Asia has a rich history of storytelling – a lot of which is unknown to Western audiences. Children’s writers in Asia can draw from their rich history and from their own modern surroundings to weave tales of a very different flavour. The role of the agent is two-fold – discovering this distinct voice and bringing it to the notice of publishers and making writing a feasible career option (monetarily) for writers. Literary agents can play a major role, and in fact spearhead the development and growth of children’s book publishing in Asia. We will also discuss the genres editors and publishers are looking for and future prospects.

2.30pm – 3.30pm: Selling Picture Books for Young Readers, Sayoni Basu & Clive Newman

The key to getting published, besides writing a great book, is to learn about the industry. An important trend in publishing and marketing today is picture books. Sayoni and Clive will discuss the challenge of selling children’s books to an international audience, including what’s popular where, what the most up to date sales trends are and working with agents and publishers from around the world.

3.45pm – 4.45pm: Promoting Your Craft, John Danalis & Dr. Eddie Tay

The common gripe is “I’m a writer, not a performer!” Personal appearances, school visits, and workshops are actually some of the most effective ways to build author profiles and to grow sales. Many children’s book writers and illustrators now receive earnings from presentations that dwarf their royalty cheques. Here’s how and why you should do it. From intimate rural workshops to presenting in 900 seat theatres, John will share what he has learnt – often painfully – what holds young peoples attention, and what doesn’t. And Eddie will prove that the emergence of recent Singaporean literature owes itself to the activities of the authors, who successfully generated interest in their works, and the lessons we can learn from these emerging and established Singapore authors.


7 May

9.30am – 10.30am: The bestsellers: How children’s books are now distributed and sold, Karina Bolasco & Clive Newman

Clive will discuss how children’s books are distributed and sold in Australia and New Zealand, and his experiences with distributors in the United States and the UK with a particular focus on the increased trend toward digital distribution. While Karina will give insights to what’s happening on the shores nearer to us.

3.45pm – 4.45pm: Marketing and reaching out to media savy children, Karina Bolasco

By deciding to re-introduce to the market a children’s book series based on material that has behind it years of tradition and recall, Anvil as publisher benefitted from substantial media support it didn’t initiate or organize, and most of all did not pay for. The revival of a well-known classic of storytelling from print to radio, Anvil’s Lola Basyang Series inspired a television show, theatrical plays and ballet musicals based on the books, animation of selected titles by Korean and Japanese NGOs working with children, and storytelling activities in schools and parks and bookstores.


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