Course: Market Research for Educational Publishers

Market is king, even in the world of educational publishing – a fact that is often lost in the rush of pre-press mayhem.

Understanding who your market is, and how to find out what they want is a skill set no publishing professional can afford to be without. So, when you see ‘market’ in the workshop title, don’t immediately think that this is just for marketing people. Marketing needs to be in everybody’s job description; from the one who answers the phone and the conscientious desk-bound editor, to the sales people who keep our cash flowing, and the CEO who decides where to spend it.

Workshop Leader

Simon Sharp’s first introduction to the publishing industry came while he was a teacher and was invited to write a series of textbooks for Hong Kong secondary schools. His input on the strategic placement of the titles and marketing issues made a success of the series, which also led to him joining the management team of his publisher, Macmillan.

As the publishing director, he managed a multi-million dollar list and steered the company through major restructuring culminating in a successful acquisition.

Later, Simon joined the Pearson group to head-up the pioneering Educational Services department to support the English Language Teaching list, resulting in a colossal 80 percent market share for the company’s primary English courses.

Course Outline

Topics we’ll cover during this workshop include:

  • Homing in on your market
  • The market is your business
  • Market research for different purposes
  • Market research for different purposes
  • Market research for different purposes
  • The ‘who’ of market research
  • The ‘how’ of market research
  • The ‘when’ of market research
  • The ‘don’ts’ of market research

Who Should Attend? 

Commissioning editors, publishers, editorial managers; anyone with the responsibility of list-building and development in book publishing who want to understand and influence their clients

Date: 22 Mar 2010, Monday

Time: 9.30am to 5.30pm

Venue: Imagination Room, Level 5, National Library, 100 Victoria Street

Register online by visiting Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before registering.

Tel: (65) 6848 8290


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