Course: Digital Storytelling

Beyond Borders, Beyond Words

Digital storytelling is the combining of traditional storytelling and the modern multimedia tools to deliver stories using images, sound, music, and voice. It brings out the artist, the storyteller, and the writer in everyone, even the techno-phobic!

Digital storytelling has been applied to stories from many different topics. It is increasingly being used to entertain, teach, train, inform, promote and advertise.

For the purpose of this class, we will be working on creating personal stories; a story that you want to keep or pass on.

The Production

Through a three-phase process, you will learn techniques to develop and script your story and to consider, select and digitally import supporting imagery (video, artwork, photographs). You will learn the technique of creating a conceptual storyboard, and using digital video editing software, you will combine the elements of narration, visual imagery and soundtrack to complete your digital story.

This course is pitched at entry level users (no high investment on software and hardware). The emphasis is on the story rather than the technology, bells and whistles.

Register online by visiting Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before registering.

Tel: (65) 6848 8290


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