Singapore International Story Telling Festival

Celebrating  Creativity

In today’s modern consciousness, we are inundated with stories. The fancy buzzwords of advertising and marketing campaigns, inspirational inscriptions of an organisation’s evolution and animated anecdotes over the dinner table are part of the stories that permeate our everyday routines and shape our daily interactions with people.

Since the inauguration of Singapore International Story Telling Festival (SISF) in 2006, the annual festival has attracted more than 200,000 visitors with its key programmes for teachers, librarians, storytellers, social workers, community workers, professionals, performers, writers, parents, and children.

With the myriad of applications for storytelling, SISF presents infinite opportunities for development. The storytelling offerings will awaken your senses, warm your soul, inspire your creative expression, and help further your aspirations.

The Arts House is the co-organiser of the storytelling events. Key programmes include:

1) Digital Storytelling

In 2007, a new component was introduced to SISF’s line-up; Digital Storytelling. What started as a small workshop with just 20 participants, grew into an Asian Digital Storytelling Congress a year later. Combining traditional storytelling techniques and multimedia tools, digital storytelling is increasingly being used in corporations and institutions. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, digital storytelling is not just the latest technical fad. It builds on the rich, ancient tradition of oral storytelling by combining the narrative story with a palette of technical tools (sound, visuals and voices). 

We are now offering a series of digital storytelling workshops as a lead up to the festival in Sept 2010. Join us to understand what the buzz is about!

2010: Digital Storytelling Workshops

2) Business Narrative

The rise of narrative methods has been recognised in Europe and the USA through a multitude of story-related conferences and event such as Golden Fleece International Organizational Storytelling Conference (Washington DC), Innovation Factory抯 Collaborative Innovation Summit based in storytelling, the Spoken Word conference, and The Copenhagen Golden Fleece Conference.

Despite the rich tradition of storytelling in Asia Pacific countries, we are only just starting to develop our capabilities in organisational storytelling and narrative work. Join us as we discuss the importance of narrative work in organisations while helping you develop the right skills.

Origins: Asia Pacific Business Narrative Conference (6-8 Sept 10)

3) Storytelling Competitions

2010: e-MOTE Digital Storytelling Competition


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